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Can I donate to ChemoCars ride program?

Yes! Please note that ChemoCars, Inc. is an North Carolina nonprofit corporation in the process of attaining 501(c)(3) status. Accordingly, donations are NOT eligible for charitable income tax deduction until 501(c)(3) status is achieved. We are very working hard with our lawyers ‘all the right things’, we cannot guarantee IRS will approve our application.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I donate to ChemoCars ride program?

Yes, please! 100% of our program is funded through donations and grants.  We literally couldn’t do this without your support.

We are a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. Your donation is tax-deductible within the guidelines of U.S. law.

Is this really free to cancer patients?

Yes. Rides are 100% free. All costs are paid for by private donors.

What type of treatments do you provide transportation to?

We provide rides to chemotherapy, radiation, and non-surgical cancer treatments at Verified Treatment Centers (see “How It Works”->”Eligibility” for a list of of these centers).

ChemoCars does not provide transportation to/from surgical procedures.

How do I book a ride?

Step 1: Check to see if you’re eligible at “How It Works -> Eligibility”. Please note, that we’re only available in Charlotte, NC and Amarillo, TX at this time.

Step 2: First-time riders must register over the phone. In Charlotte, NC – dial 443-286-0091. In Amarillo, TX – dial 704-981-2010.

Step 3: After registration, rides can be booked over the phone (@443-286-0091 in Charlotte; 704-981-2010 in Amarillo) or online by clicking “Book A Ride”.

How long does it take for me to book a ride?

Scheduling a ride by phone should take ~3-5 minutes –the time needed for the operator to take down your ride details. Scheduling a ride via website is generally faster.

How far in advance should I book a ride through your program?

We designed ChemoCars to provide rides on demand.

However, for drop-off rides TO treatment center, we recommend booking ahead of time (a few hours before the pick-up time).

For ride FROM a treatment center (after treatment), we recommend booking about 20 minutes before you’d like to be picked up. Remember, this can be done via phone or online.

After I book a ride, will I get a confirmation?

After booking, you should receive a ride confirmation email within 5 minutes. If you do not receive email, call 443-286-0091 and an operator will assist.

I’ve booked a ride, where should I wait for the car-service to pick me up?

When the driver is on their way, you will receive a text message notification with driver name and car description. This should happen ~15 minutes before your scheduled pick-up time.

After you receive this notification, please relocate yourself to an area where you will be able to see the car-service arrive (ex. lobby of the treatment center, front of house).

How will I know the driver has arrived to pick me up?

At time of arrival, you will get a text notification (on the cell phone you provided when you booked ride). Example: “Your Lyft driver, Kevin, is here! Look for the White Toyota Prius with license plate XXXXXXX”.

I received a text message that the driver has arrived, but I can’t find the driver. What should I do?

After receiving the arrival text message, wait 2 minutes. If the driver can’t find you, they will likely call you on your cell phone to coordinate pick-up. If you are not contacted by the driver within 2 minutes, call 443-286-0091 and ask the operator “Where’s my driver?”. The Operator will patch you through to someone who can help resolve the issue.

How do I re-schedule / cancel my ride?

Online: Open your confirmation email and click the “Change/Cancel Appointment” button. If you can’t find your email, see phone instructions below.

Phone: Call 443-286-0091 (in Charlotte, NC) or 704-981-2010 (in Amarillo, TX) and tell the operator that you’d like to “Reschedule A Ride” or “Cancel A Ride”.

I was just in a car accident, what should I do?

If you are injured, seek medical attention immediately and call 911. Once all parties are out of harm’s way, do the following:

· File an accident report with law enforcement. Even if a police officer is not present at the scene, call and request them to come to your location so that you can file a report. Inform the police officer that this involves an Uber and/or Lyft car service.

· Take down the information from the parties involved, including driver’s license numbers, license plate numbers, and insurance information. If possible, take pictures or video recording of the damages and the location of the accident. If there are witnesses, take their information as well.

· Call the applicable car-service’s critical response line: Lyft: 1-855-865-9553 or Uber: 1-800-285-9481.

Once all parties are out of harm’s way and the necessary authorities have been contacted, call us at 443-286-0091 to inform us of the accident.

Do I need a personal cell phone or can it be someone else’s cell phone?

You need your own cell phone. We need to be able to contact you directly to be able to facilitate rides.

I can’t receive text messages on my cell phone plan, am I still eligible?

No. We need to be able to contact you by both phone / text directly to be able to facilitate rides.